Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Body Talks To Me

Yes it does. Me and the fam went out running errands today. One of the stops was Wal-Mart. While waiting in line I noticed these new coconut M&M's. The bag was 67cents so I grabbed one. My hubby grabbed an 8-pack of tiny Almond Joys. Then he grabbed a 1-liter of a grape Welch's soda.

I ate a handful of the M&M's, one of the lil tiny Almond Joy's and took a couple of gulps of the soda. Mind you, I RARELY drink soda. I can't even finish a whole can. I love my water! Anywho, I started to get a headache and I just started to feel weird. The heat didn't help either. I knew it. I was putting stuff into my body that it normally does not consume and it definitely noticed it. Ugh. Once we hit Trader Joe's, I gulped down a couple of cups of water. That helped some and I started to feel better. The body always amazes me. And good thing that I listen to it when it talks to me.

We feel our body speak to us when we consume something bad. But the body also speaks to us when we do something good for it. Are you in touch with your body?

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