Thursday, October 28, 2010

Barefoot Running Book: Read 52 pages for FREE!

I won't lie, I enjoy getting things for free. Who doesn't? Well right now you can read the first 52 pages of Jason Robillard's The Barefoot Running Book (Second Edition) for FREE! Just click on this link.

I am actually reading the book myself. Jason was looking for bloggers to review his book and I jumped at the chance since it was on my 'to read' list. This will be the second running book I've read. The first one was Born To Run by Christopher McDougall. Funny, how both are about running barefoot.

After emailing Jason I didn't realize that he was the founder of the Barefoot Running University and co-founder of the Barefoot Runners Society. You know this guy has a plethora of knowledge regarding barefoot running. And as a newbie barefoot runner / minimalistic shoe runner, I'll take any advice I can get.

After reading the first 52 pages, I'd love to chat with you. Comment on this post!

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