Thursday, October 28, 2010

Podiatrist Suggests Vibrams? Say What?

I walked the MAKING STRIDES Against Breast Cancer walk on Saturday in Golden Gate Park. I walked it with my sis, cousin, his girlfriend and his son. Yay for Team Lagade! We walk for our aunt who is a survivor, and our cousin who has moved on to be with the Lord. RIP dear cousin.

Upon arriving in the city we found a suh-weet parking spot. Yay! But as we started walking to the park we got this weird feeling that we parked too far away. I ran a block to see what our closest cross street was. AH!!!! It was only 2nd Street and the entrance to the park we needed was on 25th Street. We sped walked back to the car. Buh bye not-so-close parking spot. 

We were lucky enough to find a spot on 22nd Street. Nice! We then hiked into the park. I was wearing my KSO's. We tracked over mud, dirt, grass, tree roots, gravel and small rocks. It was neat to walk over different terrain in them. I felt like I had quite a warm up before the walk. Would've been perfect if I was running it. (Good thing I didn't because the walk was actually 5miles instead of a 5k, lol)

I love seeing people come together to support a cause they believe in. As mentioned, cancer stricken too many people I know, so I feel passionate about finding a cure and creating awareness.

We waited for our cousin and his crew. When we finally met up we took a few pics and were on our way. This was the first time I had met his girlfriend Mae. She quickly noticed my toe shoes. She even knew them by name. Mae mentioned having issues with her ankle and that her podiatrist suggested that she get a pair since they may help correct her problem. Say whaaaat?!?! Really? I was stoked to hear that because most would want you to wear some sort of insert or other correcting mechanism. But she said that he has a pair of Vibrams and actually wears them himself. She asked me more about them and I shared my experience with her. Can't wait to hear if she ends up getting a pair.

I've been reading more and more about foot doctors taking a closer look and stating that being barefoot can possibly cure foot and ankle ailments. I follow Dr. Hurless on twitter and he shares the same opinion.

Vibrams and other minimalistic footwear, and being barefoot seem to be creating a stir within the medical community. It is interesting to read which doctors believe in its benefits, and which completely disagree. BUT, if you are getting shin splints, experiencing knee pain and back aches, then I suggest reviewing your form and/or try the barefoot/minimalistic approach. If you do, please share your experience with me.


  1. Have you had any foot pain when you were transitioning to them?

  2. I did. I did have some TOFP. When I learned to run on the c25k program I was running sandals. I assumed I could just switch from sandals to Vibrams quickly. As soon as I put the Vibrams on they felt so good and I just wanted to keep running. After a few runs I started to get TOFP. I pushed myself too fast too soon.


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