Thursday, October 14, 2010

Safety On Your Runs

It is wise to think about safety while on your run, bicycling, or when performing any other activity. If you were hit by a car and unconscious, would bystanders know who to contact? If you run when it's dark outside, as I often do, how do you prevent vehicles from running you over? We often forget about taking these steps.

Just recently Abby's husband was hit by a car. Fortunately his bike took the hit. But what if it was worse?

It doesn't take much to protect yourself while doing an activity you enjoy. The birth of RoadID came from an incident the owner had while he was running. So these products are made with the runner's safety in mind. They want to help spread the word, and so do I. They have ID bands, reflective shoelaces, shoe pouches and more.

So safe while running, and help spread the word.

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